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Greeting from the President

A Welcome Message from the KSNS President of the
Korean Society of Nursing Science
Dear Members of the Korean Society of Nursing Science!

Korean Society of Nursing Science (KSNS) which was established in 1970, has over 4,000 members and 8 member societies and it has been grown beyond nursing and become a leading academic society representing Republic of Korea.

KSNS will progressively strive to strengthen the communication and the connections with 8 member societies, and work closely with other related organizations. KSNS will also focus on improving the impact factors of Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing and Asian Nursing Research. Moreover, we are currently preparing for the 50th anniversary celebration in 2020 and working on publishing the history book of KSNS.

The 27th executives of KSNS will put our wisdom and strength together and work for the development of education and research in nursing reflecting the social changes. We are delighted to be working together to deliver this important and timely event in the 200th centenary year of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

I sincerely appreciate the members of KSNS who are always dedicated to the development of the society, and I would like thank for your consistent interest and participation in the future. In addition I wish you all the best for your success and happiness.

Thank you.

The 27th President of the Korean Society of Nursing Science
Cho, Kyung-Sook