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Greeting from the President

A Welcome Message from the KSNS President of the
Korean Society of Nursing Science
Dear members of the Korean Society of Nursing Science,

I send you my warmest greetings as the 29th President of the Korean Society of Nursing Science (KSNS).

The KSNS was founded in 1970 and marked its 50th anniversary in 2020. We are now entering a chapter of progress towards our 100th anniversary. I am excited to serve as President of the KSNS for the next two years, the Wood Dragon and Wood Snake Years with blue energy, and at the same time, I also understand my grave responsibility to lead the KSNS through a difficult and turbulent period in the Korean scientific community.

I set the vision of the KSNS as Global Leadership and the goals as International Impact, Strong Academic Foundation, Public Interest, and International Initiative, and commit myself to advancing nursing science and expertise.

First, I will develop our journal into a journal with international impact. The KSNS publishes Asian Nursing Research (ANR) and the Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing (JKAN) as international journals. We will develop these two journals into the journals which make authors proud and honored to publish in. To do so, based on my experience as editor-in-chief of ANR and JKAN who enhanced their impact factor (IF) and my various networks, I will make them Q1 journals.

Second, I will build a strong academic foundation. As an academic society that contributes to the development of nursing knowledge, we will provide standards for professional nursing education and make nurse educators take pride in producing professional nurses. To do so, we will serve as a place for practical training beyond simply providing information and knowledge, and create a platform where outstanding academics unleash their potential. By hosting member societies and executive academies, we will strengthen our academic foundation.

Third, I will make the KSNS a society for public interest which contributes to universal health coverage.
We should play a pivotal role in improving the total health of the Korean people by assuming a practical role in promoting and improving their health. For this purpose, I will create a special policy committee and open a forum with the government, relevant organizations, and the general public. Furthermore, along with our member societies, we will participate in inter-professional consultations, policy discussions, and proposals with the National Assembly, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, and the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences.

Finally, I will work in solidarity through an international initiative. We need to create international solidarity by participating in global health initiatives beyond the East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) and World Academy of Nursing Science (WANS). We will show K-nursing leadership in tackling global health issues together and play a role in ushering in the future of global health nursing. For this effort, I collect opinions from various channels with the values of diversity and inclusion in mind.

A poet once said, “If we carry something beautiful in our hearts in trying times, that beauty will save us.” Another saying goes, “The number of our actions determines the quality of our action.” By embracing and continuously trying to achieve the beautiful goal of becoming a global leader together with our members, I would like to continue to create a better future of nursing. We appreciate your continued participation and support, and I wish everyone good health and happiness.

January 1, 2024 Jeungim Kim
the 29th President of the Korean Society of Nursing Science