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Greeting from the President

A Welcome Message from the KSNS President of the
Korean Society of Nursing Science
Dear respected members,

This is Young Whee Lee, the newly appointed president in 2022. I would like to send my warm greetings to you, with new hopes for the future, especially at this time of year where the past year ends and the new year commences for fresh beginnings.

I am contemplating new projects for the development of the society over the next two years. The Korean Society of Nursing Science reached the 50 year milestone in 2020. In addition, the rapidly changing current medical environment requires the diversification and professionalism of nursing. As all advances are made based on history, I will inherit the legitimacy of the society and meet the current demands of nursing, making the society which shows academic excellence, improves expertise, advances with our academic divisions as follows.

First, the Korean Society of Nursing Science is a representative nursing society in Korea, providing lectures on various topics and pursuing activities for advancing research. We will do our best to show academic excellence by supporting research activities not only in areas, in which members have an interest, but also in rapidly-changing science research and technology.

Second, we will promote research and development. The rate of applications for nursing research funding has been relatively low in the research projects by the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea. We will help nursing scholars to cooperate and pursue research projects. Third, the society will improve expertise in education. As most of our members are professors, we will organize and provide programs for improving educational expertise, the essential teaching capability.

Lastly, we will do our best to advance with our academic divisions. While conducting the aforementioned projects, this society will grow together by developing programs for various divisions and reflecting the needs of each division.

I would like to express my gratitude to former presidents, executives, and members for their hard work to make the society better over the last 50 years. I wish you all well and academic achievements.

Young Whee Lee
28th President of the Korean Society of Nursing Science